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Configure your DeFi Wallet

Welcome to the MetFi DeFi Wallet configurator.

MetFi is a decentralized organization running entirely autonomously on SmartContracts, utilizing the full potential of Blockchain. This means that you will need a DeFi wallet to interact with MetFi. This can be challenging for newbies so we have prepared a simple app that will help you get set up.

During the process, you will need to interact with your wallet and digitally sign some requests which means agreeing to some prompts. These requests do not grant MetFi access to your funds - they only give us the ability to optimize your wallet for interacting with MetFi.

So let’s get to it!

Install MetaMask

We have detected you do not have MetaMask installed. Please download Metamask here and install it as an extension to your browser. We recommend the Brave browser for security and privacy but you are free to choose any browser you like.

Once you have installed MetaMask you will be asked to create a wallet. The process is pretty straightforward. The most important thing is to store your Seed Phrase (aka Private Key) in a safe place.

IMPORTANT! Your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase is the key to your wallet and to your funds. NEVER share it with anyone. Keep it safe and secure. Do not take pictures of it or store it in your photo gallery. If you store it digitally always have it encrypted. If you store it physically try storing it in 2 locations so that you always have a backup. These keys are the only way for you to access your funds if you lose access to your current device.

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We have detected you do not have MetaMask

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